Control Rooms where to buy?

Monitor, assess and resolve any situation

The critical control room is the place where all information comes together to be analyzed and interpreted, providing complete Situational Awareness. It is, thus, the central intelligence hub of the organization, and a vital location for the operations. Barco has over 20 years of experience in this market, offering a very wide portfolio comprising OverView video walls, professional-grade wall controllers, networked visualization software, services, and much more.

Building blocks

Large video walls portfolioDisplay Platforms for Critical Monitoring

For many years, Barco has been a world leader in large video walls for control rooms. Our portfolio focuses on reliability and image quality. The long lifetime without compromise, accuracy and design focus on uptime, makes these products perfect for use in 24/7 mission-critical environments. In order to perfectly reflect the requirements of our customers, we offer different display technologies - including LCD, rear-projection cubes, and LED. In this way, we can offer the best common operational picture solution for every environment.

Video walls

CMSMedia Platforms for Collaborative Visualization

Barco's networked visualization system, consisting of both hardware and software components, is a fully modular networked architecture. Scalable to any type of control room business need, it enables sharing of any input with other persons in the team, and allows users to introduce additional services implemented on network servers. Furthermore, the system offers assured compatibility with a large number of AV & ICT source types, and interfaces to many 3rd party hardware and software systems, all in a reliable, field-proven system that is permanently maintained and improved. 

Collaborative visualization hardware and software

TransForm N encodersNetworked sources Input Nodes

Barco's networked visualization input portfolio allows a wide variety of input sources to be inserted onto the network. It offers the optimal hardware and software to drive and logically combine sources. The offering allows just about any input type, including AV-port devices (DVI, HDMI, analog, ...), IP streams (IP-cameras, computer generated content, ...), VDI sources via RDP, local application (Windows programs, ClickShare buttons, ...), web sources, and many more.

Input nodes/encoders

TransForm N output nodesNetworked sources Output Nodes / Video wall controllers

On the output side (where the content is displayed) of the networked visualization system, Barco's solutions offer total scalability and functional flexibility. No matter on which display type the content needs to be visualized (stand-alone screen or projector, video wall, operator workstation, browser, mobile and computer apps, etc.), Barco's portfolio of output nodes and video wall controllers offer exactly the capabilities needed for your application.

Output nodes

control room future articlesFeatured articles: Smart innovations, better insights

Newspaper De Tijd/l’Echo, in close collaboration with Barco, created a series of articles concerning the many aspects of future visualization and collaboration. Control rooms and critical decision-making are the topics of two of these articles. Must-reads for anybody interested in the future of our business!

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